7 Secrets to Help You Describe

Energy Psychology & Energy Healing Science Like a Pro

4:37     Tip 1 - Why you should never use the word "proof" or "proves"


5:21     Tip 2  -  Don't say that something is "the truth". What can you say?


5:45     Tip 3  -  How to facilitate openness and curiosity when facing resistance.


7:58     Tip 4  -  Let people ask questions and be skeptical. How to handle skeptics.


8:57     Tip 5  -  How to let go of the need to be right.


10:45   Tip 6  -  You don't have to know the mechanism of action (how it works). How to respond to those who say, "If you don't know how it works you don't have evidence that it works."


12:33   Tip 7    Be careful not to let your enthusiasm create statements that aren't based on scientific fact.

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